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MacFindlay/MacFindley are the Anglicized corruption of the Gaelic ‘MacFhionnlaigh’ which may be equated with the complete Anglicization – Findlayson, both meaning ‘son of Findlay’.  The name MacKinlay – like MacKay – has a ‘K’ inserted where it does not belong.  The Clan MacKinlay belongs to the Lennox District.  The oldest account of them is that given by Buchanan of Auchmar in 1723 when he asserts that the Chief sept of the Lennox MacKinlays were descended from Buchanan of Drumikill.  The MacKinleys and Irish MacGinleys as well as Donleavys appear also to have derived from the Buchanan MacKinlays.  

The name is most common during the 16th and 17th centuries and appears in various forms as M’Finley, McIndlay, Macinle, M;Kindlay, M’Keandlay, M’Kinla, MaKKinla, McVinlay, McUnlay, M’Keandla, McLeith, McCleich, McKinleiche and McIlleich.  The name occurs most often in the records of Glenlyon and Balquidder.  

Finlay MacKinlay supplied meals to the lady of Luss in 1564 and also was the tenant of Nether Ross in Luss, 1588.There is no MacKinlay recorded in all the lists of the 1745 rebels.  

Those of this name can also wear tartans belonging to these Clans: Buchanan, Farquharson, MacFarlane and Stewart of Appin.  There can be no doubt that most of the name MacKinlay are descendants of some Finlay, MacFarlane or Buchanan.  Some may be MacLeas or Linvingstones, another form of MacLeay.