Irish Gaelic: Bohannon

Badge:  A hand holding a ducal crown, set within a laurel wreath

Latin Motto:  Clarior hinc homos (hence the bright honour)

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History of The Buchanan Tartan

Clan Buchanan can trace its origin back to Anselan O'Kyan who was a son of the King of Ulster landed in Argyll in 1016. For his services against the Danes he received the lands of Buchanan, which lie to the east of Loch Lomond around the village of Killearn.

They occupied the ground surrounding the shores of Loch Lomond in 1225 as a result of a grant by the Earl of Lennox to Sir Absalon of Buchanan. Towards the middle of the 13th century Gilbert, Seneschal to the Earl of Lennox obtained part of the lands of Buchanan in Stirlingshire and took his surname from them. Sir Alexander Buchanan, Chief of Clan Buchanan led men of the clan in support of the French against the English at the Battle of Bauge in 1421 and killed the Duke of Clarence hence the ducal crown in the badge. They have always been royalist but took very little part in the Jacobite wars although a number fought in the Duke of Perths Regiment at Culloden.

The 'hunting ' version of the tartan cames from the Scott Adie (London) collection, which is a book of manufacturers samples, sold at auction c1960. The book is dated 1850 and the samples are thought to represent the tartans available for purchase between 1840-50