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Tartan Sashes and Scarves

Tartan Sashes and Scarves

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The manner in which ladies wear an Evening Sash had significance even centuries ago and there are traditions associated with this Highland Dress item.

There are 4 classic traditional ways for ladies to wear the sash, the most common of which is for the sash to be worn over the right shoulder, across the breast and secured by a pin or brooch on the right shoulder.

Wives of Clan Chiefs and the wives of the Colonels of Scottish Regiments wear a fuller size sash over the left shoulder, secured with a brooch on that shoulder.

Ladies who have married out of their family Clan but who still wish to use their original Clan tartan may wear a longer sash over the right shoulder secured with a pin and fastened in a large bow on the left hip.

Finally, Country Dancers or when the lady desires to keep the front of her dress clear of the sash (for example when wearing a ribbon of chivalric order) the sash is attached with a button at the back of the waist. Or it is held by a small belt and is secured at the right shoulder by a pin or small brooch so that it falls backwards from the right shoulder and swings at the back of the right arm.

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