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Kinloch Anderson Highland Dress Outfit Hire Service

Kinloch Anderson Kilt Hire continues the Company’s ideals of providing finest quality Scottish merchandise with professional advice and best service.  It is our priority to make sure that all Kinloch Anderson outfits reflect our best standards whether bought or hired and our Kilt Hire is frequently worn for very special occasions. 

Your kilt is the “jewel in the crown” of the outfit and will have been hand made in our factory in Leith.  Kinloch Anderson pay every attention to detail in order to maintain our reputation for making the most outstanding kilts.  Every Kinloch Anderson kilt is made from at least 8 yards of pure wool / worsted tartan fabric woven in Britain.  The kilt is a wrap around garment with pleats at the back and the fringe of the flat front apron is on the right hand side.  The top of the kilt is worn immediately beneath the rib cage and the bottom should fall to the top of the knee cap - click here to view a video on how to wear your kilt.  Straps and buckles hold the kilt firmly in place round the waist.  The Kinloch Anderson Kilt Hire offers a popular range of Clan tartans as well as tartans from the Kinloch Anderson family of tartans and our Kinloch Anderson Castle Grey tartan kilt comes line pleated giving the kilt a striking style.

We offer both traditional and modern styles covering 9 tartans for the kilt and a choice of 4 jackets and waistcoats; in Black Barathea – Prince Charlie and Argyll and in Tweed our Charcoal Grey or our new Fen Green, and we have a large choice of accessories.  Furthermore you can mix and match your full hire outfit if you wish or hire individual items separately.  Our standard period for hire is 4 days.

We are able to accommodate group hires and supply corporate events, and, if you hire 5 full outfits the fifth is complementary.

If the tartan you would like to wear is not in our kilt hire range you can purchase a kilt in the tartan of your choice and we will provide the rest of your kilt hire outfit free of charge.  This then means that if at some later stage you want to own your complete Highland Dress outfit you can do so gradually, perhaps by suggesting an item as a birthday or Christmas gift or when your budget allows.

The exclusive Kinloch Anderson Kilt Hire outfits are one of the following:

-  Formal kilt hire outfit with Prince Charlie jacket - The Prince Charlie jacket is worn with a black tie.  Made in Black Barathea with silk lapels, tails at the back and trimmed with Celtic buttons.  This jacket is short and worn open together with a fastened vest (waistcoat). 

-  Semi Formal outfit with Argyll jacket - The Argyll jacket is less formal, shorter than a trouser jacket but not so short as the Prince Charlie.  Made in Black Barathea it can be worn with a black tie or with a grey silk tie or club tie depending on the occasion.  This jacket features gauntlet cuffs and Celtic buttons.  It can be worn open or fastened at the top and a waistcoat is optional.

- Daywear outfit with Charcoal or Fen Green tweed jacket - The Charcoal or Fen Green tweed jacket has staghorn buttons and yet again is shorter than a trouser jacket.  It is suitable for daywear, can be fastened at the top and worn with or without a waistcoat.  The Charcoal tweed jacket is particularly suitable for weddings.

We have nine tartans to choose from – click here to view

Your kilt hire package also includes:

·         Black bow tie, silver cravat or silver tie

·         Belt and Buckle

·         Formal, semi formal or day Sporran

·         Sgian Dubh

·         Kilt Flashes in the tartan to match your kilt

·         Black leather Ghillie Brogues or black day brogues

·         Kilt Hose in cream, black or charcoal grey any of which you may keep if you wish

To complement the Men’s Highland Dress outfit Ladies can hire a Sash in the same available hire tartans.  The beautiful wool Sashes come together with a lovely Celtic brooch and are once again made in our factory in Leith.  Guidance is given on how to wear your beautiful Sash if you wish to conform to tradition and have never worn one before - click here to view our video on How to wear a sash.  The standard method is to wear your Sash over the right shoulder, across the breast and secured on the shoulder with a brooch.

We will help you choose your outfit personally and make sure you have the right size.  If this is the first time you will be wearing Highland Dress we will be delighted to explain every detail to you in order to ensure you feel absolutely comfortable for the experience – and the photographs! 

Please pay a visit to our Shop in Leith if you can.  We have a large customer car park or the number 22 bus stops right outside.



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