Motto: Constant and Faithful

The name MacQueen/MacSween comes from the Gaelic Mac-Suibhne ‘son of Suibhne’ (pronounced Sween).  Suibhne was the Lord of Knapdale about the beginning of the 13th century.  It is an old Gaelic personal name meaning ‘good-doing or well-doing’.  The name is first recorded in 1271 when Hector MacSouhyn was one at an inquest in Dumbarton.  The Skye surname comes from Norse ‘Sveinn’, an old personal name.  

According to the Kinrara manuscript, the Clan Chattan MacQueens came out of Moidart about 1410.  In the 13th century there were MacSweens in Argyllshire at Castle Sween and the name remained in that area in the form of Swene and MacQueen for three or four hundred years.  During the 15th century a branch of the MacQueens followed the MacDonalds of Clanranald.  

Another branch through marriage of one of their number to Malcolm Beg MacKintosh 10th Chief of the name, came to live in the MacIntosh country and fought under the MacIntosh at Harlaw in 1411.  Descendants settled in Strathdearn, where they acquired the lands of Corryborough and became members of the Clan Chattan.  

The MacQueens might opt to wear their own tartan but might well choose to wear Clan Donald or Clanranald or one of the MacIntosh or Clan Chattan tartans.