Gaelic: Gillechatan
Badge: A cat salient proper
English Motto: Tough not the catt but a glove
Prior to the fourteenth century Clan Chatton was an individual clan but marriage into the Mackintosh clan resulted in Angus Mackintosh taking the Chieftainship (1345).  Conflicts and territorial acquisitions encouraged the formation of a federation of clans but with a Mackintosh chief. At one time there were over sixteen clans in the confederation.

The histories of both the Chattans and Mackintoshes are much entwined as a result.  In 1947 the Lord Lyon recognised Mackintosh of Torcastle as being the thirty first chief of Clan Chattan.The tartan has appeared in two forms.  One with a white overcheck on the red (1819 Key Pattern Books of Wilson of Bannockburn) and the other without (recorded in the Lord Lyon Court Books).  Either would be correct to use.

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