Virtute et labore (By virtue and hard work)

Certain authorities state that the MacLintocks are a sept of the Colquhouns and the MacDougalls.  Whilst evidence appears scant, both claim MacLintock on their sept lists.  The name MacLintock or MacClintock is derived from the MacGhill ‘Fhionndaig’, ‘son of Findan’s gillie’ (servant).  St. Findan was founder of the monastery of Conard.  The family were numerous in Luss (Colquhoun country) and thereabouts and in the district of Lorn around Lochaweside from 1500.  

Some MacLintocks anglicised their names as early as 1611 to Lindsey.  This tartan first appeared in a trade list of a Glasgow firm, Messrs James Johnston in 1930.  

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