Gaelic: Mac a'Chombaich
Badge: Hart's Head
French Motto: Si je puis (If I can)
In 1241 Umfridus (Humphrey) de Kilpatrick was granted the lands at Colquhoun in Dunbartonshire by Alexander II (r. 1214-49). His son, Ingram, adopted the name.

Through marriage, the lands of Luss and others were acquired in the fourteenth century. The position of the Colquhoun lands made them vulnerable to raids from the Highlanders and in particular the MacGregors. In 1603 they were raided by the MacGregors (over 400 of them) which resulted in considerable deaths to the Colquhouns increasing the long running feud and the outlawing of the MacGregors by the King. The seat of the clan to this day is Rossdhu in Luss.

The tartan is in the Cockburn Collection (1810) which can be found in the Mitchell Library Glasgow.