Gaelic: Dhaibhidh
Badge: Stags Head
Latin Motto: Sapienter si sincere (Wisely if sincerely)

The Davidson name began with David Dhu of Iverhaven in the fourteenth century when a marriage into the Macintoshes moved Clan Davidson into the Chatton Clan Confederation.

This brought mixed blessings including near destruction by the Camerons at Inverhaven (1370), the battle of the North Inch of Perth (1396) and Harlaw (1411). 

Since then they have spread throughout Scotland but mainly in the North East, Aberdeen, Dundee and Perth. The clan seat is Tulloch Castle.  The Chattan Confederation supported the Stuart claims in the '45' which caused many to settle in America. The tartan is found in D. W. Stewart's 'Old and Rare Scottish Tartans' (1893) and is recorded in the Lord Lyon's Court Books.