Badge: An oak stump sprouting new growth proper.
Latin Motto: Sic Viresco ("Thus I flourish")
Christie is a shortened form of Christian and possibly also of Christopher, which is established in Fife and Stirlingshire.  Clan Christie was in the area of Fife in the 15th Century.

It is said to be a sept of the Clan Farquharson along with another theory that the name was given to descendants of Christianus, a younger son of Alwyn II, one of the first Earls of Lennox. 

Families are found in Fife, Midlothian, Aberdeen, and Galloway. The last recognised head of the Clan Christie was Sir Archibald Christie who was Deputy Governor of Stirling Castle, and who died in 1847.

The tartan was first publish in W & AK Johnston Limited "The Tartans of the Clans & Septs of Scotland 1906".

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