The meaning of the name Wotherspoon is uncertain.  A logical suggestion is that it comes from the Old English ‘weoer’ – sheep, lamb and ‘spong’ an obsolete English word for a tongue-shaped piece of land enclosed by or lying next to higher ground.  

The first Scots record of this name came in the 13th century when Roger Wythirspon, clerk, witnessed a grant by James the High Steward, of lands in Renfrew.  This was a fairly widespread name in the Scottish Lowlands, particularly after the 14th century.  

Many spellings of this name are to be found including: - Uedtherspon, Uthirspwne, Vatherspoon, Wederspoone, Wetherspune, Wethirspune, Weythirspon, Widerspune, Witherspone, Witherspune, Withirspovune, Woderspoon, Wyddirspwrn and Wyderspone.  The Rev John Witherspoon (1722-1794) born in Yester, East Lothian, became President of the College of New Jersey (now Princeton University) in 1768 and took an active part in the American Revolution on the side of the Colonists.  The name is not associated with any clan or family.

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