Wicklow County

Irish: Contae Chill Mhantain  Motto: Meanma Saor (Free Spirits)

One of a series of Irish District tartans designed by Polly Wittering. These are not 'officially sanctioned' District tartans but have apparently proved popular and no doubt in time will be accepted as genuine District rather than Fashion tartans.  

The last of the traditional 32 counties to be formed, as late as 1606, it is part of the province of Leinster.  It is named after the town which derives its name from the Old Norse Víkingalág or Wykynlo.  Established as a distinct county, it was aimed at controlling local groups such as the O’Byrnes.  

The Military Road, stretching from Rathfarnham to Aghavannagh crosses the mountains, north to south, was built by the British army to assist them in defeating the rebels still active in the Wicklow Mountains following the failed 1798 rebellion.  It provided them with access to an area that had been a hotbed of Irish rebellion for centuries.  Several barracks to house the soldiers were built along the route.  During the Cromwellian invasion of Ireland, local authorities immediately surrendered without a fight. 

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