Waterford County

Irish: Contae Phort Lairge Motto: Deisi oc Declan co Brath (May the Deise remain with Declan forever)

One of a series of Irish District tartans designed by Polly Wittering; these are not 'officially sanctioned' District tartans but have apparently proved popular and no doubt in time will be accepted as genuine District rather than Fashion tartans.  Waterford is located in the province of Munster in the south-east of Ireland.  The English name comes from Norse – Vedrafjorour; named after the city of Waterford.  The County is colloquially known as ‘The Deise’.  

Sometime between the 4th and 8th centuries, a tribe of native Gaelic people called the Deisi were driven from southern county Meath/north Kildare, conquering and settling here.  The ancient principality of the Deise is today roughly commensurate with the Roman Catholic Diocese of Waterford and Lismore.  Viking influence is still to be seen, and a settlement (Woodstown), dating from the 9th century was discovered to the west of Waterford City.  It is the largest Viking settlement to be discovered outside of Scandinavia.  

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