Both Stephenson and Stevenson simply mean ‘son of Steven’, the latter form would appear to be the more common form in Scotland.  The former is probably an Anglicised form of the Latin Stephani.  First of the name to be recorded in Scotland was Ada filius Stephani, burgess of Elgin in 1286, Nichol filz (son of) Steven, was chaplain of Scotland and in 1372 had licence to take shipping at London or Dovorre.  John Stephini was burgess of Forfar in 1434, and a year later appeared as a witness in Brechin.  

John Stevenson was a merchant in Aberdeen in 1454, and in 1477 was on record as a common councillor.  Probably the best know person of this name was George Stephenson (1781-1848) builder of famous ‘Rocket’, the first locomotive.  Robert Louis Stevenson is another famous addition.  There seems to no reason why anyone of this name should not wear any or all of these tartans.  

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