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The Shanghai Scottish Club was originally founded in 1868 for the purposes of fielding a cricket team against the Shanghai English, and developed rapidly through the 19th Century. The club became a major component of sporting life in Shanghai during the years of the International Settlement, with teams in rugby, cricket, football and lawn bowls.

Disbanded in 1942 after the Japanese invasion, it was reformed in 2012 and is once again becoming a significant feature of the expatriate sporting scene in Shanghai. All members must either be Scottish by birth or be able to demonstrate a strong connection to Scotland. The Stewart Hunting tartan was originally worn by the Scottish Regiment of the Shanghai Volunteer Corp, the military unit of the Shanghai International settlement from 1853 to 1942, and provides the base for the new design. The colours reflect Scotland and Shanghai, with the Saltire blue taking centre stage. The softer shade of blue relates to sporting team colours worn by the Shanghai Scottish members. A single white overcheck runs through the blue shades representing the Scottish Saltire flag. The Chinese flag is also represented within the design, by a single gold overcheck running through a bold red shade.

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