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Motto: Constant and true

The name Rose comes from the Lordship of Ros, near Caen in Normandy, part of the Lands of Odo, Bishop of Bayeux, half-brother of William, Duke of Normandy.  One of the Bishop’s knights was the ancestor of Hugh de Ros of Kilravock.  This small Nairnshire clan were, before the forfeiture of the last Lord of the Isles, vassals of the old Earls of Ross.  They are quite separate in origin from Clan Ross. 

Hugh Rose acquired the lands of Kilravock through marriage to the heiress of Sir John Bisset of Lovat, Mary Bosco.  Hugh Rose of Kilravock was confirmed by King James III in the lands of Kilravock and Geddes in 1474, and subsequent lairds were addressed by the Crown as ‘Baron of Kilravock’.  

The succession in the Rose family did not once diverge to a collateral branch for upwards of 600 years.  The Roses enjoyed the friendship of the Mackintoshes from a very early date and by an Act of Council, dated 28 July 1643, the broken men of the name Rose were bound upon Mackintosh, who was ordained to be accountable for them.  

During the Revolution of 1688 and the Risings of 1715 and 1745, the Roses were on the side of the new Government.  Two days before the Battle of Culloden, Hugh Rose of Kilravock had an unexpected visit from Prince Charles, whom he entertained to dinner.  

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