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The name Rankin/e is a diminutive of one of several names beginning with Ran, plus the suffix ‘kin’, e.g. Ranald, Randalf etc.  This name is not particular to Scotland, being found in Ireland and England.  It is in England that it is first recorded.  Reginald Ranekyn appears in the Suffolk Subsidy Roll in 1296.  In the famous Book of Kells, we find mention of Oengus MacMic Rancain c.7th century.  

There are several families of this name in Scotland, both Highland and Lowland; in the Highlands there were also families named MacRankine – abbreviations of this may have resulted in some present day Rankines.  The early home of the name appears to be in Ayrshire.  The first of the name being a John Rankyn, burgess of Glasgow 1456.  

The Rankins were hereditary pipers to the MacLeans of Duart and after the MacLeans lost their possessions, the Rankins became pipers to the Lairds of Coll (MacLeans of Coll).  The last of the Rankin hereditary pipers emigrated to Prince Edward Island.  

John MacCodrum, the Uist Bard during the 18th century, refers to the Clan Duille (as the Rankins were anciently called), as among the leading pipers of the day.  When Doctor Johnson made his tour of the Hebrides with Bowell, he was entertained by MacLean of Coll whose piper was one of the Clan Duille.  

The Rankins are recognised by most authorities as a sept of the MacLeans of Duart and the MacLeans of Coll.  Evidently, many of the name though will not have a connection the MacLeans.

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