Portree is thought to be a District tartan but bearing in mind it was apparently designed by Pringles, it could be Fashion.  Portree (Scottish Gaelic: Port Rìgh) is the largest town on Skye in the Inner Hebrides.  The name translates as ‘king’s port’, possibly from a visit by King James V of Scotland in 1540.  However this has been disputed, and so it may be that an older name of Port Ruighe(adh), meaning ‘slope harbour’, is more likely.  

Prior to the 16th century the settlement’s name was Kiltaraglen (‘the church of St. Talarican’) from Gaelic ‘Cill Targhlain’.  Portree has a harbour fringed by cliffs, with a pier designed by Thomas Telford.  The Royal Hotel is the site of MacNab’s Inn, the last meeting place of Flora MacDonald and Bonnie Prince Charlie in 1746.  

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