Nithsdale Tartan

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Like the Carrick tartans, the Nithsdale pattern was designed in c.1930 by Arthur Galt of Messrs Hugh Galt and Sons Ltd, Barrhill, Ayrshire.  It is not known whether this tartan was designed at the request of a Councillor Hannay, or was merely adopted by him.

These tartans were ‘Trade Designs’, although they are now often termed ‘District Tartans’.  However, they are not ‘true’ district setts.  There are less than half a dozen such patterns still known to exist and in all cases they are highland patterns. 

Nithsdale is the name applied to the western-most of the three divisions of Dumfrieshire; its name is from a mixture of Bretonic and English words meaning ‘valley of the new river’.  Historically this area had connections with the families of Johnson and Maxwell.

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