Newfoundland Tartan

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Motto: Quaerite prime regnum Dei (Seek ye first the kingdom of God - Matthew 6:33)

The official tartan of Newfoundland and Labrador was designed in 1955 by Samuel B. Wilansky, a local store owner on Water Street in St. John's.  It was registered in the Court of the Lord Lyon in 1973.  The white, gold, and yellow come from the province's official anthem, "Ode to Newfoundland’.  The green represents the pine forests, the white represents snow, the brown represents the Iron Isle, and the red represents the Royal Standard.  

Newfoundland is the most easterly province of Canada.  Situated in the country’s Atlantic region, it incorporates the island of Newfoundland and mainland Labrador to the northwest.  

A former colony and dominion of the United Kingdom, in 1583 it became England’s first possession in North America and one of the earliest permanent English colonies in the New World.  Newfoundland became the tenth province to enter the Canadian Confederation on 31 March 1949.  

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