Motto: Monte alto (On a high mountain)

Mouatt (Mowat/Mowatt) is of Norman French origin from the words Mont Hault.  The Latinised version of this is Monte Alto, of the high mount.  The Monte Alto’s settled first in Wales where Mold is a much reduced form of their original, territorial name.  The first of the name to be recorded in Scotland is Robert de Montealto early in the reign of David I (1124-1153).  The family quickly rose to power and in the reign of William the Lion (1165-1214) they had acquired substantial lands in Angus and the Lordship of Fern(e).

There is much variation in the spelling of this name.  Bernard de Monte Alto accompanied Princess Margaret to Norway for her marriage to King Eric of Norway in 1281.  The ship was wrecked on the return journey and he was drowned.  

In 1289, William de Muhaut was one of the signators of a letter to Edward I of England proposing the marriage of the King’s son to Margaret ‘The Maid of Norway’.  This was the daughter to Princess Margaret and King Eric.  A Bernard de Mohaut of Peebleshire was drawn and quartered for bearing arms against the King and killing some of his men and burning churches c.1306.  

The name still exists in its three forms and in Caithness and Orkney is pronounced ‘Mode’, owing to the particularly local spelling of ‘Maath’. The name is now almost unknown in Angus, their first home in Scotland, but it is still preserved in Mowat’s Seat (also known as Mowatt’s Cairn) on Bruff Shank Hill in the district.  Although Mouatts have no clan connection they do have two tartans of their own.

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