The Morgan Modern tartan is a predominantly blue and black tartan with red. This is a very common name throughout Britain, and it is of more than one origin. It comes from the early Celtic 'sea-bright', and also exists in Old British, Old Breton, Cornish and Welsh.

'Morgunn' is the Pictish form of the name. The founder of the Pelagian heresy was a British monk named Morgan. 

In Scotland it is remarkable that the name survives, for in historic times it existed nowhere else than in Aberdeenshire and among the Sutherland Mackays. 'Clan Morgan' was for long the title of the Mackays of the Reay country who later became Clan Aoidh, and it is possible that there were close connections between them and the Aberdeenshire Morgans.  

The tartan can be worn by all Morgans accepted as clansmen by the Clan MacKenzie Chief. The designer's (Morgan) family has been in the USA since 1657 on Eastern Shore, Chesapeake Bay and is of Celtic origin with known Scottish origins through the MacKenzie name. This tartan is based on the Mackenzie with the red lines representing 'our shared Scottish blood yet divided by the white and blue of the oceans.'