Monaghan County

Irish Gaelic: Contae Mhuineachain

Motto: Duthracht agus Dicheall (Diligence and Best Endeavour)

Monaghan is part of the Border Region in the province of Ulster.  Prior to the 4th century the county was said to be inhabited by the Manaigh or Monaigh. Monaghan was part of the ancient territory of Oirghialla (Oriel), held by Ui Cremthainne septs and the Clan Colla (e.g. O'Carroll) from the 4th to the 12th centuries.  

In 1585, the English lord deputy of Ireland, Sir John Perrot, visited the area and met the Irish chieftains.  They requested that Ulster be divided into counties and land in the kingdom of AirgĂ­alla be apportioned to each of the MacMahon chiefs.  As a result the county of Monaghan came into being.  The county was subdivided into five baronies: Farney, Cremorne, Dartrey, Monaghan and Truagh, which was left under the control of the McKenna chieftains.  

After the defeat of the rebellion of Hugh O’Neill and Ulster chieftains in 1603, the county was not planted like the other counties of Ulster.  The lands were instead left in the hands of the native chieftains.  In the Irish Rebellion of 1641 the MacMahons and their allies joined the general rebellion of Irish Catholics.  Following their defeat, some plantation of the county took place with Scottish and English families.  The Monaghan County tartan exists from Viking Technology in 2005; now owned by USA Kilts Inc. USA.  

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