Motto: Favente Deo supero (By God’s favour I conquer)

Originating from the Hebrew Michael, Mitchell's introduction to Scotland was through the French Michel.  The original pronunciation in Scotland was ‘Michel’.  The name evolved as Mitchell in many parts of the country.  It appears in 1354 on the Treaty of Berwick, freeing David II from imprisonment by the English.  Also, a John Michell was rewarded in 1489 for holding Dumbarton Castle.  

Mitchells became landowners in Ayrshire and Stirling and a bequest from Stephen Mitchell, a tobacco merchant in Glasgow, created the Mitchell Library in the City.  

Michie is a diminutive form of Mitchell found in Angus and Aberdeenshire and other derivatives of the name include Mitchison and MacMichael.

The tartan is shared by Hunter, Galbraith, Mitchell, and Russell. It appears in the Highland Society of London collection as Galbraith, in a mid-19th century list as Russell, also marketed in 20th century as Hunter, and c.1950 acquired the name Mitchell when it was adopted by the U.S Air Force Pipe Band and renamed in honour of General Billy Mitchell. It is the same as Ferguson of Balquidder with the green stripe on blue changed to white.