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The name Milne derives from residence at, or in a corn mill and would also have been adopted by those who worked in mills.  Several origins for the name are presented: from the Old English word ‘myln’; from the Latin ‘molina’ and from the Gaelic ‘muileann’.  All are possible sources, each one meaning ‘a mill’.  Milne is most popular in Aberdeenshire.  

The earliest recording of the name is found in 1382, in the ‘Registrum Episcopatus Aberdonensis’ a Hugh de Molendino and Johannes de Molendino were excommunicated from the parish of Fyvy, Aberdeenshire.  Other forms of the surname on record are Myll, Myln, Millen, Milln and Mylen.  Occasionally one will be told that in Aberdeenshire Milne is an Anglicised form of MacMillan but this is not the case.  However, it is recorded that several families of the name Mill changed their names to Milne.  

The Mylnes have a long association with building and architecture and a family of this name were for centuries Master Masons to the Kings of Scotland.  They were involved in the Tron Church in Edinburgh and the rebuilding of Holyrood Palace and Edinburgh’s North Bridge.  Two names are usually suggested when Milnes seek to affiliate themselves to a clan; Gordon and Ogilvie.

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