Merchiston Castle School

The Merchiston Castle School tartan was designed by Kinloch Anderson in 1988.  The tartan is based on the sett of the Napier tartan as the School was founded in the 1830s in the original home of Napier of Merchiston (now part of the Napier College complex).  The School derives its name from Napier’s home of Merchiston Castle.  This design, whilst retaining the sett of the Napier tartan, changed the white to royal blue, the royal blue to navy and one white line to scarlet in order to reflect the long established School colours.

The Kinloch Anderson family has a long association with the School.  William Kinloch Anderson, the 4th generation of the family Company, was educated at Merchiston.  John Kinloch Anderson, the 6th generation, was a pupil at the School at the time when the tartan was designed; indeed it was his father, Douglas, who was instrumental in facilitating the first Scottish School Rugby Team to play rugby in Japan,  which sparked the idea of a school tartan.  Douglas Macintosh, the son of John’s sister, Claire Kinloch Anderson (Macintosh) has been a pupil at Merchiston since 2013. 

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