Meath County

Irish Gaelic: Contae na Mi or an Mhi

Motto: Tre Neart le Cheile (Together Strong) 

Meath is part of the mid-East Region of Ireland, in the province of Leinster.  It is named after the ancient Kingdom of Meath.  The county is colloquially known by the nickname ‘The Royal County’ due to its history as the seat of the High King of Ireland.  It was formed from the eastern part of the former Kingdom of Mide.  The seat of the High King of Ireland was at Tara.  The archaeological complex of Bru na Boinne is 5000 years old and includes the burial sites of Newgrange, Knowth and Dowth, in the north-east of the county.  

Anciently inhabited by the Eblani, Meath later formed part of the fifth province of Ireland known as Midhe and Brega which included Westmeath and Longford counties as well as parts of Cavan, Kildare and King's county. The southern Ui Neill or Clan Colman (e.g. Melaghlin) held this territory up to the late 12th century.

The O'Caindealbhain (O'Quinlan, O'Connellan or O'Kendellan) were princes of Ui Laeghari or "Ive-Leary", an extensive territory in the counties of Meath & Westmeath. The ancient kingdom of Meath was granted to Hugh de Lacy following the Norman Invasion.  The Meath County tartan exists as a design from Viking Technology in 2005; now owned by USA Kilts Inc. USA.

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