Motto: Deo juvante invidiam superabo (God help overcome envy)

The progenitor of the Clan MacThomas was Thomas, known as Tomaidh Mor from whom the Clan takes its name. A grandson of William MacKintosh, 7th Chief of Clan MacKintosh and 8th Chief of the Chattan Confederation, he lived in the 15th century.  He forges Clan MacThomas, leaving Badenoch and settling in Glen Shee.  They are described in a roll of the clans, 1587 and 1595.  

The 14th Chief of MacThomas, John McComy Mor, who descended from Thomas younger son of Angus, was the most outstanding of the Chiefs of the Clan.  He lived in the 17th century and was connected through marriage to the House of Argyll, which sometimes incorrectly links them to Clan Campbell as well as the MacTavishes.  His property covered 30 square miles and included the land of Kilry.  In 1652 he acquired the Barony of Forter in Glen Isla from Lord Ogilvie,  There he built the mansion house of Crandart and is said to have lived in Forter Castle during the time.  

McComy Mor was a friend of the Marquis of Montrose but due to his marriage, supported the anti-royalist faction during the Civil War.  This led to the ruin of the family and the dispersal of the Clan after the Restoration.  At the same time many of the Clan were killed during a feud with the Farquharsons and McComy More lost three of his sons including the eldest.  The McCombie of Aberdeenshire are descended from the youngest son of Angus.