Motto: Ratione no vi (By reason, not by force)

The first of the O’Beolan (or Gillanders) old Celtic Earls of Ross (1234) was Fearcher Macin Tagart, grandson of Gillianrias and son of Sagart, or priest, who was the co-arb or hereditary abbot of the old monastery founded by the Irish St Macbrubha at Applecross in the 7th century.  In 1215 he thwarted a rebellion, beheaded its leaders, and presented their heads to King Alexander II who knighted him and later made him Earl of Ross.  Thus the MacTaggarts are recognised as a sept of the Clan Ross.  The name appears in Dumfries in 1459. 

Elsewhere, in 1583 three MacTaggarts were charged with arson, and in 1688 Catherine McTarget was accused of witchcraft.