MacLaine Lochbuie

Motto: Vincere vel mori (To conquer or die)

The sons of Ian Dubh MacLean, who had settled in Mull in the early 14th century, were Lachlan Lubanach, progenitor of the MacLeans of Duart and Eachin Reganiach, progenitor of the MacLaines of Lochbuies; the two principal branches of the Clan Gillian.  Descended from Gillian of the Battleaxe, a fierce warrior of the 13th century, the lands were held in Mull and Morvern.  Gillean was succeeded by Gille-Iosa, whose son Malcolm fought at Bannockburn.  

Malcolm’s son Iain Dubh was the father of Eachainn Reaganach, Hector the Stern, and founder of the MacLeans of Lochbuie.  He was granted lands by the Lords of the Isles c.1350 in Mull, and sat on the Council of the Isles until its dissolution in 1493.  

Moy Castle on Mull was the Chief’s residence until 1752, and then this moved to Lochbuie House.  Hector, eighth chief, made the ’Maclaine’ spelling the accepted version.  

Murdoch Mor, tenth chief, forfeited his lands in 1645 by fighting alongside the Marquess of Montrose.  These were not restored until 1661.  The twelfth chief Hector, was victorious for James VII in 1689 at Knockbreck in Badenoch.  He also took part in the Battle of Killiecrankie.