Motto: Ghift dhe agus an righ (By the grace of God and king)

MacInroy is an Atholl name and tradition states that the MacInroys descend from a chief of Clan Donnachaidh of Atholl through descent from the Re(i)ds alias Robertsons of Straloch who had their lands in the adjoining parishes of Kirkmichael and Moulin. The name combination of John Red occurred frequently with the lairds of Straloch but the name MacInroy first begins to appear close to the middle of the 16th century. 

The MacInroys belong to a numerically small name which originated in only one particular area. Bearing this in mind the MacInroys are likely to descend from the same origin, the founder of the family probably living his adult life between 1535 and 1580.

 There was a minor offshoot of the MacInroys found in the village of Comrie in Strathearn by the year 1694 and one MacInroy household is known in Kilmadock Doune at that time.  However, the general picture is that the MacInroys continued to farm land in their ancestral district for generations, in the Pass of Killiecrankie and the hamlet of Dowally.

The MacInroys have never had their own clan.  However, out of self-interest they aligned with the Dukes of Atholl and other Atholl lairds, mainly the Fergussons and the Stewarts. The main family was that of Wadsetter of Balnabruich and later of Lude near Pitlochry.  Some deference in tartan design appears to refer to Clan Donnachie and Robertson.

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