Ghift dhe agus an righ (By the grace of God and king)

The MacInnes’ are of ancient Celtic origin, with the name MacAoghuis being Gaelic for ‘son of Angus’ The ancestors were probably among the earliest settlers of Dalriada and were said to have formed a branch of the Siol Gillebride, thought to be the original inhabitants of Morven and Ardnamurchan. Other tradition suggests that the MacInnes were promised favour by the Lord of the Isles. A later chief of the Clan MacInnes was appointed Constable of the Castle of Kinlochaline and was still held by a MacInnes when it was burnt by Coll Kitto in 1648. 

The clan suffered extensively in the early part of the 13th century during the conquest of Argyll by Alexander II and at about this time the clan moved under the protection of the Campbells. They supported the Covenantors and in 1645, during the wars of Montrose, Kinlochaline was besieged by the Irish auxiliaries of that leader. The siege was pressed on, but Clan Maclnnes held out until a breach was made in the wall. The castle was then taken and garrisoned for King Charles I.

The family later supported the Hanoverians against the Jacobites under the Campbells, although there also seems to have been a MacInnes appointed as Hereditary Bowmen to the chiefs of clan MacKinnon.

Another group of MacInnes were also to be found as followers of the Stewarts of Ardshiel and as such supported the Jacobite struggle.  

Septs of the Clan MacInnes include Angus, Innes, MacAngus, MacCainsh, MacCansh and MacMaster.