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There are many spelling variations for this name: MacDairmid, MacDiarmid, MacDermid, MacDarmid, MacDearmid, MacDermaid, MacDermont, MacDiarmoid, McKirrmoid, and many more.  MacDiarmid is a surname from Diarmid O’Duinn, the ancestor of the Campbell hero and slayer of the Wild Boar.  In Gaelic the MacDiarmids are called Siol Diarhid, the offspring of Diarmid.  The name is comparatively rare on record, and when it does appear it is sometimes corrupted into M’Kermit etc. 

The MacDiarmids of Glenlyon claim or claimed to be the oldest if not the original race of the district.  Nemeas Mactarmayt was rector of St Conganus de Duybrinis and afterwards vicar of Gilchoman in Islay, 1427.  Several McDiarmids were among the Duke of Atholl’s Fencible men enrolled in Glenlyon in 1706.  

The MacDiarmids reputed clan connection to Clan Campbell of Breadalbane having derived their name from the progenitor of the House of Lochow, Diarmid O’Duine, the Ossiasic hero.  The MacDiarmids that belonged to Breadalbane are said to be the oldest in Glenlyon and in other times they were known as ‘of Craigianie’.  Their ancient cemetery is Morenish churchyard near Killin.  

There is in fact little evidence of the clan even despite their connection with the Campbells in the Commissariot Records; there are none in the Muster Roll of Prince Charles Edward Stuart’s Army.  However, one record mentions one Angus McDeirmid, Craignan, Glenlyon who was charged by Margaret Campbell for not fulfilling his marriage promise.  

In Ireland the name MacDermot (MacDiarmid) is prominent especially in much of the territory of County Roscommon.  The MacDiarmada septs spring from a branch of the royal O’Connors of Connacht.  The chief of the principal branch of Maylurg (County Roscommon) is styled Prince of Coolavin.  Today less than half of the MacDermots in Ireland are still in the province of Connacht, with the second heaviest distribution in Ulster.

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