Motto: Ne obliviscaris (Do Not Forget)

Little is known about the Lorne tartans, but it would appear that the connection is with the Marquis, rather than the district.  The first count given of the tartan appeared in the W & A K Johnston 2 volume work ‘The Tartans of the Clans & Septs of Scotland’ 1906.  It was when in 1871 the Duke of Argyll, then Marquis of Lorne, married Her Royal Highness, Princess Louise Caroline Alberta, fourth daughter of the later Queen Victoria, that the Lorne tartan was designed and manufactured.  

A British nobleman, the Marquis was the fourth Governor General of Canada from 1878-1883.  He is now remembered primarily for the place names bestowed on Canadian geography in honour of his wife and for his metrical paraphrase of Psalm 121, ‘Unto the hills around do I lift up’.  His marriage to Princess Louise marked the first time a daughter of the sovereign had married a subject of the Crown since 1515, when Charles Brandon, the first Duke of Suffolk, married Mary Tudor.  There are two further counts for this tartan.

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