Longford County

Irish Gaelic: Contae an Longfoirt  Motto: Daingean agus Dílis (Strong and Loyal)

Longford is a county in the Midlands Region in the province of Leinster.  The territory now called Longford anciently went by the names Annaly or Tethbae/Teffia. North Teffia was inhabited by the Glasraidhe, descendants of early inhabitants. By the 5th century Longford was divided into north and south. The northern territory became known as Cairbre Gabhra, after Cairbre a son of Niall of the Nine Hostages. Another son received the southern half. 

In the 8th century the Conmaicne (e.g. O'Farrells) invaded the Ui Cairbre and by the 11th century were the dominant people as the territory became known as Annaly, and was considered part of the province of Meath. It was controlled in the north by the O'Farrel Ban (White) and in the south by the O'Farrel Buy (Yellow).

After the Norman invasion in the 12th century, Annaly was granted to Hugh de Lacy.  By the 14th Century English influence was on the wane and the O’Farrells recovered complete control.  Longford was formed as a county (shire) in 1586 under Elizabeth 1, but was not under control in reality until after the Nine Years’ War.  In 1608 it was divided into six baronies under James I.  It was planted by English and Scottish landowners in 1620, a process completed under the Cromwellian plantations of the 1650s.  

The Longford County tartan exists as an unofficial design from House of Edgar in 1996, and also from Viking Technology in 2005; now owned by USA Kilts Inc. USA.  

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