Londonderry County

Motto: Auxilium A Domino (Help comes from the Lord)

The place name ‘Derry’ is an anglicised version of the old Irish ‘Diare’, meaning oak grove or oak wood and lies in the historic province of Ulster.  The Cianachta, whose leading sept was the O'Connors of Glengiven (Glinne-Geimhin) in the Roe Valley, had held their position for many centuries before the rise of the Ua Cathain beginning about 1138. Much of county Derry was then known as Tir Cahan, or Cathan-aght, signifying O'Kanes's country.  

The County was created by James I following the confiscation of lands from its Irish aristocratic feudal owners following the Flight of the Earls in 1607.  James gave a charter to the Irish Society to undertake a plantation of the new county; the London prefix being added in reference to the London Livery Companies of the Irish Society.  The charter is dated 29 March 1613.  

One of a series of Irish District tartans which are not 'officially sanctioned' District tartans but have apparently proved popular and no doubt in time will be accepted as genuine District rather than Fashion tartans. 

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