Limerick County

Irish Gaelic: Contae Luimnigh  

Motto: Cuimhnigh ar Luimneach (Remember Limerick).     

County Limerick is located in the province of Munster.  Anciently inhabited by perhaps the Coriondi tribe, as translated from Ptolemy of the 2nd century, later tribal names here include the Uaithne, the Ciarrage [Luachra] and the Ui Fidgeinte. With the ascendancy of the Eoganacht in the 7th century, part of the county came to be referred to as Eoghanacht Aine Cliach (Airthir Chliach). In addition to the septs who controlled these cantreds, the other principal families at the time of the Norman Invasion were O'Hurley, Mac Sheehy, O'Gorman, O'Collins, O'Coin, O'Scanlan, and O'Hallinan.  

CHaving finally lost an over two-century long conflict with the neighbouring O’Briens, most of the rulers fled to Kerry and Cork.  Their lands were almost immediately occupied by the Fitzgeralds and other Norman families, who permanently prevented their return.  The ancestors of Michael Collins and famous O’Connells of Derrynane were among these princes of the Uí Fidgeinte.  

The Tudors in England wanted to curb the power of Gaelicised Norman Rulers and established colonies of English in the county.  The leading Limerick Normans, The Geraldines, revolted against English Rule in 1569 leading to a savage war resulting in the confiscation of much of their lands.  

The County also played a leading role in the 17th century Irish Confederate Wars.  It also featured in the Cromwellian and Williamite conflicts right up to the War of Independence.  The Limerick County tartan exists as an unofficial design from House of Edgar in 1996, and also from Viking Technology in 2005; now owned by USA Kilts Inc. USA.  

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