Leitrim County

Irish Gaelic: Contae Liatroma

Leitrim County is located in the Border Region and is part of the province of Connacht.  It is named after the village of Leitrim.  In ancient times Leitrim formed the western part of the Kingdom of Breifne, long influenced by the O’Rourke (O Ruairc) family of Dromahair.  By the 13th century the O’Rourkes were lords of West Breifne (Leitrim) and O'Reilly were chiefs in East Breifne (Cavan).  The Normans occupied south of Breifne in the 13th century, and much of the county was confiscated in 1620 and given to Villiers and Hamilton.  However it was unsuccessful planted with settlers. 

Leitrim County was marked out as early as 1565 by English Deputy Sir John Perrot.  Five forests are traditionally said to have stood in Leitrim until the 17th century.  Mechanisation of linen and the Great Famine ravaged the county in the mid 19th Century. Coal mining and agriculture revived its fortunes.  The Leitrim County tartan exists as an unofficial design from House of Edgar in 1996, and also from Viking Technology in 2005; now owned by USA Kilts Inc. USA.  

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