Graham of Menteith

Badge : A falcon armed, killing a stork.

Latin Motto: NE OUBLIE (Do not forget)

The Grahams of Menteith belong to several cadet branches, such as Gartmore, Rednock and Duchany, Glenny and Ballewen.

The Menteith lands came to the Grahams via Patrick Graham, grandson of William de Graeme.  Patrick Graham married Euphemia Countess of Strathearne and had two daughters and a son Malise. They were Earls of Strathearne until King James I took these lands in 1427 and gave them to the Earldom of Menteith.

Two months after receiving the above charter, Earl Malise, in November 1427, entered England as a hostage for King James I, and was confined in the castle of Pontefract and he was not released until 17th June 1453.

The Earl appears on various occasions in his place in Parliament, but little is known of his history except that he became involved in debt. He is said to have been present at the Battle of Sauchieburn on 11th June 1488, dying at the peace of King James IV of Scotland.  He had married twice and had a large number of children.  He was succeeded by his grandson, Alexander Graham, 2nd Earl of Menteith. This part of the Graham clan is seen as a cadet branch.