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Gaelic: Donnachadh
Badge: Ship under sail
Motto: Savour The Moment

Duncan is 'Donnachadh' in both Irish and Scottish gaelic. The name appears as early as the seven and nine hundreds and also in the Book of Deer in 1150 as leader of Clan Morgan. This indicate that the name was widely used across Scotland in those times.

In the early fourteenth century, the Founder of Clan Robertson was called "Fat Duncan" and so Duncan became a sept name of that Clan Robertsons but it would be a generalisation to assume all Duncans were Robertsons.

The predominant Duncans of the East of Scotland were the Duncans of Lundie in Forfarshire. Their extensive property included not only the Barony of Lundie but also the estate of Gourdie.

In 1764, George III’s physician, Sir William Duncan, was created a Baronet (the first and last Baronet).  Adam Duncan of Lundie had become Commander of the Fleet and for his victories was created First Viscount Duncan of Camperdown in 1797. 

The Duncan name in Scotland is most prominent in Aberdeenshire, Dundee & Angus, and Fife. The tartan is called 'Leslie of Wardis' and was the Regimental Tartan of the King's Own Scottish Borderers.

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