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Dalziel Tartan

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Gaelic: Dailghil
Badge: A dagger
English Motto: I dare

Dalziel is thought to come from the Gaelic 'Dal Zell' meaning 'I dare'.  It is found as a Barony in Lanarkshire. There are many variations in the spelling.

The Dalzells were Royalists in the English Civil War as well as the 1715 rebellion when they had their lands confiscated making eventually the main branch Dalziel of Binns (West  Lothian). Sir Thomas Dalziel of the Binns fought for the King in the Civil War and was forced to take refuge in Russian employment as a Cossack having escaped from the Tower of London.  On his return to Scotland to serve Charles II he formed The Scots Greys in 1681.

The tartan first appears in James Logan's “The Scottish Gael or Celtic Manners, as Preserved among the Highlanders” 1831 having been produced for the 1822 visit of George IV to Edinburgh. 

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