Badge: A stags head with a cross crosslet between the antlers
Latin Motto: Tutum te robore reddam  (I will give you safety by strength)
Clan Crawford derives its clan-name from the Barony of Crawford in Lanarkshire acquired in the twelfth century, but whether the origins are Norman or Anglo Danish is uncertain.

The earliest document in Durham Cathedral archives refers to an Anglo-Danish chief Thorlongus pre-dating any Norman connection. His  grandson, Galfridus de Craufurd, is the first to assume the surname.

In 1196 Sir Reginald Crawford was appointed Sheriff of Ayr.  He was succeeded by his son, Hugh Crawford of Loudon, and from there a number of branches of the clan became established: Craford of Auchiname, Curfurdland, Kilbirnie and Crawfordjohn.  Possibly the oldest record was a football injury which was the cause of death of John Craufurd of Craufurdlandin 1612, aged only 21. 

In 1781 a baronetcy was received by the Crawford of Kilbirnie.

The Crawford tartan is first recorded by the Sobieski brothers, Vestiarium Scoticum 1842.