Gaelic:  Siosal
Badge: A hand holding a dagger, transfixing a boars head
Latin Motto: Feros ferio (I am fierce with the fierce)
Originally the Chisholms were a Norman family who settled in Roxburghshire and were recorded in the Ragman Roll (1296).  In the thirteenth century they moved north into the Highlands eventually settling at Erchless Castle which became the seat of the Clan. 

As a staunchly catholic clan they became involved church politics.  In 1588 they received personal letters from the Pope trying to acquire the Scottish Crowns acknowledgement in exchange for safety from the Spanish Armada.

By the seventeenth century the Chiefs had become protestant but were Jacobite in the rebellions of the eighteenth century. They had much to do with Bonnie Prince Charlie's escape after Culloden.  The chief of the Clan Chisholm can be called "The Chisholm". It is said that only The Pope, The King, The Devil and The Chisholm can be titled such.

This red tartan is recorded in the Sobieski brothers' Vestiarium Scoticum 1842.