Cavan County

Irish Gaelic: Feardhacht is FĂ­rinne "Manliness and Truth".

A county of the Republic of Ireland named after the county town of Cavan. It is one of three counties of the province of Ulster that make up the 26 counties of the Republic of Ireland.

In medieval times, it was known as East Brefnie, or Brefnie O'Reilly, after its ruling Gaelic family, since it was a major part of the 11th century Irish Kingdom of Breifne.  A high degree of defense was achieved by using the natural landscape of sharp hills and loughs. This, and poorly drained soils contributed to the obstacle against invasion. 

Historically, Cavan was part of the western province of Connaught, but it officially became a part of Ulster in 1584 when Brefnie was shired and became the county of Cavan.

In the south, the Lough Sheelin area was part of Leinster until the late 1300s.  Cavan was hard hit by the Great Famine in the mid-nineteenth century.  In the winter of 1847, the local landlord in Mountnugent Parish decided to evict over 200 people.  

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