Gaelic: Caer Micheil
Badge: Left hand and arm holding a broken spear
French Motto: Toujour prest (Always Ready)
The Carmichael clan received lands in Lanarkshire from the Douglases in the fouteenth century. 

Sir John Carmichael of Meadowflat fought with the Scots and French against the English at the Battle of Beauge in 1421.  He unhorsed the Duke of Clarence breaking his spear, hence its presence in the badge.


The family inter-married with the Douglases and in 1701 Lord Carmichael become the Earl of Hyndford.  They were supporters of the Hanoverians.  In 1817 the sixth Earl died unmarried, so the the family and honours became dormant. The estates passed on to Sir John Anstruther so the Clan has since remained under the Carmichael-Anstruthers.  The tartan is recorded in the Lord Lyon's Court books but is first found in the Highland Society of London collection 1816.