Campbell of Argyll

Gaelic: Cambeul (Wry mouth)
Badge: A Boar's Head
Latin Motto: Ne obliscaris (Don’t forget)
The origin of the name is thought to be both Celtic and Norman French. The Celtic source is from Dairmid O'Duine, called wry mouth, an Irish warrior chief.

The Norman connection is that Dairmid as a widower is thought to have travelled to France and married an heiress called Beauchamp whose name he adopted. The Latin of Beauchamp is Campobello and Campbell came from this. In the middle ages the Campbells became established in the Highlands and Hebrides growing into a major clan. They were successfully involved in Scottish politics greatly increasing their power. This tartan is the clan tartan and is derived from the 'hunting' version with white and yellow overcheck added. The earliest record of it is in the Cockburn Collection (1810) which can be found in the Mitchell Library in Glasgow.