Badge: The sun shining on a sunflower
Latin Motto: Non Inferiora Secutus (Not having followed the inferior)
The name Buchan comes from Aberdeen-shire.  Ricardes de Buchan appeared in documents in 1207. The earldom at that time was in the hands of the Comyns family. The two fortunes have been intertwined ever since.   

They were strong Jacobites so supporting the Stewart cause. Thomas Buchan of Auchmacoy was a military leader for the cause in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.  The Chief's seat is at Auchmacoy.  This tartan is also called Cumming/Buchan/MacIntyre and Glenorchy.  It was adopted by the Buchan family around 1965 by the Chief David Buchan of Auchmacoy, on account of their long association with the Cummings which began with the marriage of Margaret, daughter of King Edgar, to William Comyn, sheriff of Forfar in 1210.  

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