Handmade in Edinburgh, Scotland.

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The Kinloch Anderson Kilt

Every Kinloch Anderson Kilt is a Future Family Heirloom

The Kinloch Anderson Kilt is our most popular and world renowned made to measure kilt and every attention to detail is given to create the perfect garment.

There is genuine 6 generations of Kinloch Anderson craftsmanship behind this kilt and we take extreme pride in every one that is produced.

All our kilts are made by our very own experienced kiltmakers and nowhere else can you find this specification of kilt. Uniquely you can watch our kilts being crafted into genuine family heirlooms right here on the premises through our Heritage Room viewing window.

Medium weight tartan cloth is the most popular weight for our kilts and it comes traditionally woven with a selvedge edge. This selvedge edge becomes the bottom of the kilt as a kilt is made with no hem, however we can put a hem on if required (e.g. for growth etc.). We can also supply you with a kilt in heavy weight worsted or, if the tartan of your choice is not commercially available, it can be specially designed and woven for you.

Every kilt made is individually labelled with the customers name and date of purchase and are built to the exact customers specifications. There is absolutely no effort or materials spared with a minimum of 8 yards (7.4m) of full cloth usage to give the maximum depth of every pleat.

Our fastidious attention to detail ensures perfect pattern matching of each tartan sett or line balanced throughout the garment.

All kilts have matching waistbands at the front (with a few exceptions due to height and cloth width) and belt loops to the sett of the tartan and a leather strap and buckle at either side.