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How to look the best at your wedding

For many men their wedding day may well be the first time that they wear Highland Dress.

On this day the Groom shares the limelight with his bride and no-one will deny how impressive he can look in the kilt outfit of his choice - and he does indeed have a great many options. So this is where Kinloch Anderson can help...

Personal service to each and every customer is our priority and our professional advice will ensure an exceptional look for this special day.

The Kilt - For the kilt itself, which is always the ‘star’ of the outfit – there are over 1,000 tartans currently commercially woven and if you should find that ‘your’ tartan is not available from stock, we can specially weave it for you.  For most, the choice is limited by their name and their association with a clan or a district and in many cases there is a choice of Modern, Ancient, Reproduction, Muted or Weathered colours in more than one clan name.  For those who cannot claim any affiliation to a particular clan there are 4 ‘universal’ tartans and other general tartans such as The Flower of Scotland and Scotland’s National.

Having chosen the tartan for your kilt there remains a wide range of jacket styles and accessories.

Daywear - A plain style tweed jacket is recommended for a day wedding.  This can be in green lovat tweed, blue lovat tweed or charcoal tweed – the last is the most popular and a speciality of Kinloch Anderson.  It is extremely smart and ideal for all occasions which do not require a black tie formal outfit.  The tweed jacket can be worn with a 5-button waistcoat in matching tweed or without a waistcoat if preferred, in which case a belt and buckle enhances the outfit.  The accompanying accessories would be a plain leather sporran, toning plain tweed tie, plain wool tie or silver grey silk wedding tie, plain toning kilt hose (and here again the plain charcoal hose are very smart) with toning flashes, kilt pin, sgian dubh and plain brogue shoes.

Semi Formalwear - An Argyll jacket in Black Barathea is ideal semi-formal wear.  This jacket has Celtic buttons on the jacket front, pocket flaps and gauntlet cuffs.  It is a versatile jacket and can be worn with a black bow tie if preferred but for semi-formalwear is usually worn with a silver grey silk wedding tie.  Accessories for this outfit would be a plain leather sporran or a semi dress sporran, usually featuring leather with sealskin front and plain tassels, toning flashes, plain kilt hose (which can be black to match the jacket) or a plain colour to go with the tartan, kilt pin, sgian dubh and plain brogues or ghillie brogue shoes.

Eveningwear - The most popular jacket for eveningwear is the Coatee and Vest (often referred to as the ‘Prince Charlie’ jacket) in Black Barathea or this can also be in coloured barathea (green and navy blue are the most popular) or velvet in a fine range of colours.  The Coatee is a short jacket, worn open.  It has silk lapels, tails at the back and is trimmed with 3 Celtic buttons on the jacket and jacket cuffs.  The vest is made in the same fabric and is fastened with 3 Celtic buttons.  Accessories to accompany this outfit would be a dress sporran from a wide range available with various cantle designs adorned with tassels, a black bow tie or sometimes a coloured bow tie is worn, plain toning kilt hose or more popularly tartan hose to match the kilt, plain toning flashes, kilt pin, sgian dubh, and ghillie brogue shoes.

Regulation Doublet and Vest, Sheriffmuir and Vest and Montrose Doublet - These three jacket styles are usually regarded as being really formal and are more intricate in design.  Kinloch Anderson makes these jackets to order and they are supplied in the cloth and colour of the customer’s choice.  This can be black or coloured Barathea but in recent years velvet fabrics in rich velvet colours have become very popular.

The Regulation Doublet is a short jacket with a low break point.  It is enhanced with Celtic buttons placed diagonally down either side of the front and also on the flaps at front and back, gauntlet cuffs and epaulettes.  It is worn with an evening bow tie.

The Sheriffmuir is a high collared jacket fastened at the top button with a curved cut-away front.  This jacket also has many Celtic buttons on the front, flaps, cuffs and epaulettes.

The Montrose Doublet is a double breasted high collared short cut jacket worn with a belt and lace jabot and cuffs (optional).  The front cuffs and epaulettes are all adorned with Celtic buttons.

These suggestions for Highland Dress wear are not comprehensive and we welcome any further enquiries you may have.  Kinloch Anderson is proud of its long established reputation for Highland Dress and uses knowledge of tradition and heritage upon which it is based.

Tartan Trousers - these are really popular for weddings and can be worn with a Coatee and Vest or a longer line jacket – the Kinloch Jacket (based on the style of the Argyll Jacket).  This jacket is particularly stylish with tartan trousers and has been specially designed by Kinloch Anderson.  For tartan trousers the same choices of tartan apply and Kinloch Anderson make the trousers to the customer’s own measurements with his own preferred specifications regarding trouser width, pockets, belt loops, plain or pleated fronts etc and can be made with fish tail back if preferred.

Ladies Tartan Sash- This is a distinctly Scottish item which is popular for weddings and Kinloch Anderson have a wide range of tartan silks from which to choose.  We are happy to advise the ladies on how to wear the Sash as there are several ways of doing this and of course we have a fine choice of Celtic brooches to wear on the shoulder.

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