Tartan Design

The complete tartan design service available from Scotland's premier tartan and kilt suppliers.
  • We first discuss your own design and colour ideas. Wherever possible we place great importance on the historical background of the organisation and its association with Scotland.

  • The initial design ideas are worked out using computer print-outs, giving a variety of options to consider.

    CAD Designs
  • There are a range of fabrics available including worsted wool, polyester/wool, polyester/viscose and silk.

    Fabric Qualities
  • Apply your tartan to a range of gifts & accessories and clothing for your colleagues or family.


A specialist activity of Kinloch Anderson is to respond to the needs of companies or individuals who value and wish to enhance their identity and their image with their own specially designed tartan.

Our services include yarn colour expertise, fabric advice, sett size recommendations and our experience and knowledge as to how a flat tartan picture will transpose into woven cloth.

Whatever the required occasion or intended use of the tartan we can help you develop your exclusive tartan from concept right through to manufacture so that finally your tartan can be registered with The Scottish Register of Tartans.

This can be for:

  • Corporate (to belong to a company or institution)
  • Commemorative (to commemorate an occasion or an event).
  • Family or Personal.

There are many qualities of cloth available and minimum quantities depend on your chosen fabric and the uses you have in mind: kilts, skirts, trousers, scarves, rugs, accessories, table runners etc. We place significant importance on discussing this with you in order to give you the best value for your money.

For more detailed information on our Design and Development procedure and some indication of costs please contact us.

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